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Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge FAQ


1.From Hong Kong to Macau or Macau to Hong Kong

  • You can go by ferry [ Expected Total time needed 2 hours {direct ferry} 3 hours{indirect ferry}]
  • or by bus/private transfers through the HZMB (Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau Bridge)

2.Is there a metered taxi service from Hong Kong to Macau

  • No, Since this transfers is passing through 3 Administrative regions, there is no metered service available, only public buses and private transfers

3.How do i get from Hong Kong to Macau by bridge

By public bus [ Expected Total time needed 3 hours]

  1. first you will have to get on a HK bus to HZMB crossing border HK side,[Every 15 mins Journey time 20 mins ]
  2. walk through the immigration/customs [Crossing Time 20 mins]
  3. Buy ticket for HZMB only bus after the immigration/customs(separate ticket) [15 mins]
  4. HZMB Bus on bridge about [Every 15 mins Crossing Time 40 mins]
  5. you arrived macau side of the bridge, get off the HZMB bus, on Macau side, walk through the immigration/customs [Crossing Time 20 mins]
  6. There will 102X (HZMB-Taipa Area), 101X (HZMB-Macau Area) [Every 20 mins Journey Time 40 mins]

Private transfers [ Expected Total time needed 1 hour ]

  1. Pick up at HK airport direct to HZMB crossing border HK side[Journey time 10 mins ]
  2. On vehicle crossing HK immigration/customs [Crossing Time 5 mins]
  3. HZMB Bus on bridge about [ Crossing Time 30 mins]
  4. On vehicle crossing Macau immigration/customs [Crossing Time 5 mins]
  5. If holding non china/Macau/Hong Kong ID need to walk through immigration/customs [Crossing Time 20 mins]
  6. HZMB-Taipa Area [Journey time 15 mins ]
  7. HZMB-Macau Area [Journey time 10 mins ]

4.What vehicle type are there for private transfers

  • Majority of our fleet are Toyota Alphard’s, which is a 7 seats luxury people carrier , seats up to 6 guests plus our Driver

5.How much luggage can be carried

  • We got 2 configurations, if sitting 6 guests , maximum can carry
  • if sitting 6 guests , maximum can carry 4 large suitcases
  • if sitting 3 guests , maximum can carry 8 large suitcases
Large76 cm / 30 inches48 cm / 19 inches

6.What payment methods are accepted

  • Bank transfers Hong Kong / Macau / China Bank accounts
  • PayPal payment
  • Wechat payment

7.Payment terms

  • Full Payment must be made before confirmation of booking
  • No refund can be made 7 days prior to travel date

8.How do you mean by transfers to a different vehicle

  • Only very limited number of vehicles in the market is allow to enter Macau region , our normal routine is change onto another same model vehicle with special license Macau license plate to complete your journey to your hotel in Macau, and this is always the more cost effective option
  • (since Macau is a very small region around 11 KM² with 240,000 vehicles already, so private transfers vehicle from HZMB into Macau is very limited)

9.What if i want no transfers to another vehicle

  • Yes, we can do that with a surcharge, and please book early as the supply is very limited

10.Will the driver be the same driver

  • The driver will be different, due to working regulations in Macau region, only Macau residents can be Macau driver

11.Do the driver speak English

  • Unfortunately our drivers English is very limited, but they do understand most operational English

12.Do I have internet on the vehicle

Yes, please ask your driver to share their hotspot for your usage

13.Do I need to carry my own bags when transferring to another vehicle

  • Our driver will do all the hard work for you, unfortunately if need to walk across immigration/customs, you will have to carry your own luggage, due to legal regulations

14.How far do I need to walk if i need to go through customs

Macau Immigration/Customs is about 15 mins walk to pass through, our driver and vehicle will be waiting right after the crossing of Immigration/Customs, you cannot missed

15.Where will driver and car be waiting

  • our driver and vehicle will be waiting right after the crossing of Immigration/Customs, you cannot missed

16.Do I need any visas for mainland china, Can I go into mainland china for a quick visit?

Quick answer

  • NO for Macau and Hong Kong
  • YES for Mainland China (takes about 2 hours for visa on arrival)
  • Macau and Hong Kong is a special administrative region , so for most countries passport holder, there is no need for visa to visit, please check with your local embassy

17.Do I need to get off the vehicle when crossing immigration

  • No need for Hong Kong
  • Yes for Macau (unless you hold Macau/Hong Kong/Mainland China ID)

18.How many immigrants do I need to cross

  • Hong Kong and Macau, Two Immigration’s
  • Leaving Hong Kong, onto the Bridge and entering Macau


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