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Departure from Macau

$298.00 $18.00

Departure from Heart ‧ Tour Macau

Coordinated by Tourism Bureau、Funded by Macau Foundation;Macau Association of Travel Agents、The Macau Tourism Chamber of Commerce and the Macau Tourism Industry Council formed a working group to undertake。The working group is responsible for project management,And make purchases uniformly、Product development、Pricing and quality management,Coordinate the provision of vehicles by travel agencies during the implementation of the plan、Drivers and tour guides and other resources,At the same time, the work of integrating restaurants and attractions。

Currently,There are a total of 15 routes from "Heart Departure to Macau",Divided into "community tours"(6 routes)And "Leisure Tour"(9 routes)Two groups,The tour fee includes sightseeing、Meals、Tour guide and insurance etc.;Provide affordable travel plans for residents,And let residents know the new development of the community and tourism products。

And to support SMEs in the region,Macao Special Administrative Region Permanent Resident Identity Card Holders and Non-Permanent Resident Identity Card Holders may first choose to participate in "community tours" or "leisure tours" for the first time.,The second group must choose another route,Both the 1st and 2nd time group can receive a subsidy of 280 MOP。After completing two trips,Residents can still participate in any group route at their own cost。Moreover,To cater for the needs of special people,Welcome club、Schools and other organizations voluntarily contact the working group to coordinate the work of the newspaper。

Enquiry and registration【Cathay Travel Agency】

Community tour

Leisure travel


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