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Korea | ski | Hongcheon Daming SKI elementary classes | Cantonese teaching in small classes | 980 | November 28, 2019 to March 5 2020

$980.00 $930.00

Korea | ski | Hongcheon Daming SKI elementary classes | Cantonese teaching in small classes | 980 | November 28, 2019 to March 5 2020

Product Code:19J09

Updated:October 23, 2019


Elementary Class A (For there is no skiing experience)

set off: November 28, 2019 to March 5 2020(Sundays / a / three / four classes) # Plus open date:25/1

price: ःKd980(Size same price)

Children: 6 years of age may participate

*** Less than 14 days before the registration of each HKD50 ***

In order fully to ski classes that we can fully understand the coach said during the learning content and ski,So our coaches are living in Hong Kong and South Korea fluent Cantonese Chinese Bridge-based,And will limit class size,Achieve able to care for students and keeping the number of high-quality teaching,However, in order to meet everyone needs to spend only a few hours,Teaching content to achieve value for money。

Our ski elementary classes:Never learned of the parties may participate,A total of 240 minutes of teaching time,The rest of the free time (during the student can progress made in response to individual freedom of movement to the coach) Cantonese professional ski primary class size limited number of introductory teaching [4 to 9,Who served basis]


Costs have been included:

  1. Come back to Seoul to transport the shuttle Ski Resort
  2. Full-day Ski rental(Ski board bis、Ski clothes and goggles)
  3. Cantonese coach(Teaching time 240 minutes,Free ski time 60 minutes)
  4. All-day cable car certificate + certificate escalator,So easy for beginners on the slopes slide,Deep

# Does not include the cost of ski gloves, Please go buy then presented to the coach

★ ski safety information:For security reasons,Ski predetermined manner use can not walk piste,Must hold a "funicular ski card"




Hongik University Station, Exit 4 starting

Myeongdong Station Exit 4 Departure

08:30The ski center distribution arrangements every one ski clothing、Ski goggles、Ski mask
09:30Distribution equipment and started teaching skiing,Coach will explain the use of the Ski and basic exercises,Accompanied by a coach with the junior ski boarded learning and guidance
11:30A little short break and lunch on their own
13:00~16:00Afternoon courses and free time(During the response to individual student progress can be made freely to coach)
16:00The return of a collection of tools, Followed by the car returned to Seoul
18:00Arrived in Myeong-dong Station or the dissolution of Hongik University Station

# The above time is approximate time, Depending on the day of transportation needs, The weather

# Beginning of the season November 28 to 30, due to the poor the opportunity to ski and snow change to the same ski area



  • This group of 4 pax
  • Such as collection time there are changes, Colleagues will be responsible for one to two days before departure to Whatsapp,Etc. Line or wechat way to contact guests
  • Above times are approximate budget time,Implementation shall depend on the traffic and the weather that day
  • If travel by bad weather(Such as typhoons、snowstorm)Force majeure and other factors need to cancel,Will be informed in advance and arrange a refund or rescheduled
  • Ski activities such as pregnancy,Passengers should not be involved with the nape pain
  • In case of any unexpected things stroke, All of our staff will certainly do our best to help, However, if the cause of injury or death due to factors that can not be predicted, Our company does not assume any responsibility
  • All our coaches have to buy Ping An Insurance,But skiing is a high risk activity,Passengers are advised to purchase their own travel insurance, To get a more comprehensive protection


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