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Korea | Car with driver | 450 onwards | Today – 2020 March 31


Korea | Car with driver | 450 onwards | Today – 2020 March 31

Product Code:19H08

Updated:August 28, 2019


Departure Date:Today – 2020 March 31

price:From HKD450(Do not tax)

Price Hong Kong dollar HKDCarnival 9座Starex 11 ZuoSalad 14 座
one way

Gimpo Airport<=>Seoul City

one way

Incheon Airport<=>Seoul City

Seoul(10 hours)

*Seoul Tower、Myeong-dong、East Gate、Gyeongbok Palace and other administrative divisions within the city of Seoul

Gyeonggi(10 hours)

* Paju、Goyang、Pocheon City、Gapyeong County、Yangpyeong-gun、Icheon、Yongin、Suwon City、Ansan、Li et gun Gyeonggi within the scope

Gangwon(12 hours)

* Chuncheon、Hongcheon county、Pyeongchang-gun、Sokcho、Gangwon Gangneung, etc. within the scope of

JiZhou(10 hours)

* Jeju Seogwipo City

* Non-wrapped 抱牛 island


The above fees included:Car Rental、Chauffeur service fee、Fuel costs、Road fee、parking fee。

Extra Fee

  1. Pick-up service: Calculated starting from flight arrival time,Wait 90 minutes free of charge,If you exceed 90 minutes overtime fee will be charged。
  2. Off service: It offers free wait for 30 minutes,More than 30 minutes will be charged overtime fees。
  3. Pick-up time out costs: Hourly rate will be,More than 30 minutes charged by 1 hour,Charges:HKD120 / hour。
  4. Chartered overtime costs paid by the hour,More than 30 minutes charged by 1 hour,Charges:10 seater HKD200 / hour,10 seats more than HKD320 / hour。
  5. As required airport card service,The need to increase fees,Charges:HKD150 / per car。


  1. Such as the cancellation of the vehicle due to personal reasons do not get the passenger in the vehicle or take reservations 48 hours,Are non-refundable fee。
  2. All guests booking may be necessary to provide the contact method arrived in South Korea:App such as communication or telephone number or e-mail to keep in touch。
  3. Pick-up service: If the flight is delayed,Please contact us at least three hours and told to change before the scheduled flight departure time arrival time,Doing so may have to pay additional parking fees because of the delay arising out of or overtime costs。It is also possible because of long delays or failure to arrange transport to processing the refund will be made。
  4. For personal reasons to change:48 hours before departure,Free modifiers once a date or time,To change it again deemed to rebook。I am afraid you can not change the date or time change within 48 hours before departure。What has changed is the prevailing circumstances car,The vehicle does not change within a period,Sorry can not change。

About models<Images are for reference only>

  • The baggage beyond 24 inches,Each additional piece of luggage minus a seat
  • In addition to the following types of vehicles can also store large luggage hand luggage, But if there are strollers or wheelchairs like the large baggage,Budget must do

Models:Carnival 9座

Remark:1-5 people and luggage it is recommended by 24-inch 5 / without luggage case can take 1-6 people

Models:Starex 11 Zuo

Remark:It is recommended by 6-7 people and luggage 24-inch 7 / without luggage case can take 7-10 people

Models:Salad 14 座

Remark:It is recommended by 8-12 people and luggage 24 inch 12 / without luggage case can take 11-13 people


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