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food | buffet | Macao | Galaxy | Qunfang | Festive Buffet Macau

Buffet Festiva Buffet Macau Macau Qunfang

Self-supply in the form of multi-national cuisine

Advance 3 Day Book Electronic documents

Food stuff crown,Taste all over the Octagon。QunfangSupply of multi-national cuisine in a buffet style,All day for you to showAsia Grand View Garden International cuisineQunfangWith different designs、Furniture and ceiling features,The dining area is divided into different zones,Eclectic,Fascinating。Flower buffet table studded in Asia Selected cold meats,And then choose the theme cuisine more open kitchen,Chicken and saffron rice as India、Teppanyaki ice cream or fresh pasta made Hand,You can make appetizing。QunfangFood stuff crown,Taste all over the Octagon,Asia Grand View Garden International cuisineThe title said is true!

Galaxy Macau Kwan Fong Restaurant When can accommodate 380 people dining at the same,The restaurant offers a variety of food,Almost all types of food cafeteria,From fresh seafood entrees to the Deli,Flavor from Chinese to Italian delicious,You will be able to find and enjoy culinary pleasures here。

Price from HK $ 148 Each

Macau Qunfang buffet

At least 3 days in advance booking;
Effective Date:From now until January 31, 2017

Macau Qunfang Buffet details

  • Qunfang a restaurant buffet (Lunch / dinner)
  • Children: 3 years – 11 years old
  • Senior citizens: 65 years and over

Macau Qunfang buffet price


TimeThe applicable dateadultChild / Senior
Weekends and holidays$228$128
Weekends and holidays$368$238

Macau Qunfang buffet special dates prices

TimeThe applicable dateadultChild / Senior
lunchJanuary 1
January 27 - 30 days
January 31, 2008$148$118
dinnerJanuary 1
January 27 - 30 days
January 31, 2008$348$218

Book Details

  • usually,The Company will receive orders within 3 working days someone reply to your order
  • Events scheduled after the success does not change back
  • The Company will not be reserved for products not yet confirmed
  • As you fail to respond within the specified time and complete the payment process,This order will be automatically treated as canceled
  • The above prices are for reference only,Prevail when the final transaction price to confirm

Meal times

lunchFirst 11:30 – 13:30
The second field 13:45 – 16:00
dinner17:30 – 20:00
20:30 – 22:30

Macau Qunfang buffet photo

Macau Qunfang Buffet Festiva BuffetMacau Qunfang Buffet Festiva BuffetMacau Qunfang Buffet Festiva BuffetMacau Qunfang Buffet Festiva Buffet


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