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food | buffet | Macao | EEH | Mikuriya | Royal Kitchen Buffet Macau

Macau King Mikuriya buffet
Royal Kitchen Buffet Macau


Advance 3 Day Book Electronic documents

澳門英皇御厨餐廳 全日供應各式中、West cuisine,Brought together around food wine。Whether enjoying a healthy snack or a rich dinner,Always cheek teeth,Memorable。Both elegant restaurant environment,And rich royal style,Highlight the extraordinary taste of guests,At night the resident band entertain more。

2017年1月2日-26日,To celebrate this Christmas season., "Mikuriya 'team of chefs around collecting food for everyone,Food cooked dishes,Scotland including sleep crab、Blue mussels、Shrimp and other kinds of iced seafood;”Truffle chicken roll”、”American naked eye”、”Burning sheep 肶”、”Duck”、”Black truffle braised pig”And so on up to ten Haagen-Dazs ice cream。

Price from HK$158 Each

Macau Qunfang buffet

At least 3 days in advance booking;
Effective Date: 即日至2017年1月26日

澳門英皇御厨自助餐 詳情

    • 澳門英皇御厨自助餐 1位 (午膳/晚膳)
    • 自助午餐供應飲品果汁咖啡/紅茶
    • 自助晚餐無限供應樽裝汽水(可樂芬達提子汁雪碧忌廉)咖啡/紅茶還有 Haagen-Dazz 雪糕(Single Cup)


  • 惠顧自助晚餐客人皆可獲贈 “白汁芝士焗龍蝦 或 鲜果沙律焗龍蝦”(任選其一)
  • on Saturday、day、公眾假期及前夕還額外贈送“北海道炙燒帶子壽司”

澳門英皇御厨自助餐 價格

TimeTypes ofOne to five六至日及公眾假期


The applicable dateApplicable period
from Monday to Friday:12:00 – 14:30
on Saturday、Sundays and public holidays:11:30 – 15:00

Book Details

  • usually,The Company will receive orders within 3 working days someone reply to your order
  • Events scheduled after the success does not change back
  • The Company will not be reserved for products not yet confirmed
  • As you fail to respond within the specified time and complete the payment process,This order will be automatically treated as canceled
  • The above prices are for reference only,Prevail when the final transaction price to confirm

澳門英皇御厨自助餐 相片

Macau King Mikuriya buffetMacau King Mikuriya buffetMacau King Mikuriya buffetMacau King Mikuriya buffetMacau King Mikuriya buffetMacau King Mikuriya buffetMacau King Mikuriya buffetMacau King Mikuriya buffet


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