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Tickets | Macao | Melco shadow exchange | Batman night speeding God

Tickets | Macao | Melco shadow exchange | Batman night speeding God
Studio City Macau – Batman Dark Flight

俠影飛凡 感官極限

Advance 3 Day Book Electronic documents

全球首個以DC漫畫超級英雄 蝙蝠俠 為主題的四維模擬飛行體驗 「蝙蝠俠夜神飛馳」將衝擊您的視聽感官極限能帶來領略嶄新娛樂震撼跟隨超級英雄蝙蝠俠穿梭葛咸城,Into vivid movie world,Experience the classic scene after scene,And the city's top eleven criminals to justice,體驗與眾不同的超現實的冒險飛馳之旅刺激飛行旅程

您必需要智勇雙全,Guardian Ge salty City,Justice with Batman,聯手為守護葛咸城完成艱巨的任務:Rebel hail of bullets、Comic blasting action scenes,Wang Chi-breaking super destruction clown、Two-Face and Bane's treacherous layout。而最令您血脈沸騰的肯定是乘坐上超型格酷的蝙蝠戰機在大廈間左穿右插以及駕乘跟隨蝙蝠車展開一連串驚險追逐,Let your blood boil。What the outcome,絕對考驗您的超級英雄潛能因子以及與跟蝙蝠俠之間的完美合作默契

Price from HK$ 150

Macau, Melco shadow exchange - 「蝙蝠俠夜神飛馳」

At least 3 days in advance booking ; Booking Date: Reservations accepted now

Product Details

  • Macau, Melco shadow exchange – 「蝙蝠俠夜神飛馳」 入場門票
  • Child ticket for ages:12 years old or younger
  • For ages elderly vote:60 years or older
  • Opening time:
    Monday to Friday: 12:00 PM – 20:00 PM
    週六至週日及公眾假期: 11:00 AM – 21:00 PM

Macau, Melco shadow exchange – 「蝙蝠俠夜神飛馳」 價格

Tickets nameadultChildrenSenior citizens
Batman night speeding God$150$120$125

how to use

  1. You must show a printed using credentials,Tickets at the door in exchange for admission to
  2. Two working days after the reservation has been confirmed,And sends the credentials to use your mailbox

Conditions of Entry

  • 身高介乎於1.2米至1.95米的賓客才可進場體驗本遊樂設施
  • 身高介乎於1.2米至1.4米的小童必須由成人陪同
  • 體重136公斤或以上的賓客不能登上本遊樂設施
  • 行動不便的賓客需自行登上或由其同行親友協助登上此遊樂設施
  • 任何賓客若有以下情況請勿登上此遊樂設施
    1. 孕婦
    2. 有心臟病或高血壓
    3. 有脊背痛或頸痛症狀
    4. 容易暈眩頭暈或有癲癇症
    5. 對閃光效果有不良反應
    6. 有幽閉恐懼症
  • 為了確保閣下能夠在此遊樂設施享有最好及最安全的體驗請注意以下事項
    1. 任何時候請安坐在座位上
    2. 確保閣下的安全帶已妥當地扣好
    3. 在遊樂設施啟動前保管好容易鬆脫的隨身物件
    4. 確保閣下的隨身物品已安放在座位下的儲存格
    5. 過程中請勿手持任何物品
  • 此遊樂設施禁止
    1. 攜帶任何食品或飲料進場
    2. 拍攝或錄影
    3. 吸煙
  • 在緊急情況下疏散程序將會啟動
  • Management reserves the right to refuse admission to any guest does not comply with the conditions of admission
  • 因保安理由入場前將可能要求檢查閣下的手袋背包及隨身物品

Book Details

  • usually,The Company will receive orders 3-4 working days someone reply to your order
  • Events scheduled after the success does not change back
  • The Company will not be reserved for products not yet confirmed
  • As you fail to respond within the specified time and complete the payment process,This order will be automatically treated as canceled
  • The above prices are for reference only,Prevail when the final transaction price to confirm

payment method

  • credit card payment (VISA / MASTER) Buy online or telephone payment
  • Hong Kong / China / Macau, multiple bank accounts,Welcome ATM debit details see the Company “Useful Information”

Macau, Melco shadow exchange – 「蝙蝠俠夜神飛馳」

Macau, Melco shadow exchange - 「蝙蝠俠夜神飛馳」Macau, Melco shadow exchange - 「蝙蝠俠夜神飛馳」

do not miss it,Register now for this offer!


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