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Tickets | Macao | Melco shadow exchange | Batman night speeding God

Tickets | Macao | Melco shadow exchange | Batman night speeding God
Studio City Macau – Batman Dark Flight

Batman fly where sensual limit

Advance 3 Day Book Electronic documents

The world's first superhero to DC Comics Batman The theme of the four-dimensional flight simulation experience "Batman Night speeding God." ,The impact can limit your visual senses,Bring a taste of new entertainment shock。Follow superhero Batman shuttle Ge salty City,Into vivid movie world,Experience the classic scene after scene,And the city's top eleven criminals to justice,Experience the difference of speeding surreal journey of adventure to stimulate air travel。

You will need to wise and brave,Guardian Ge salty City,Justice with Batman,Together for Ge salty guard the city to complete the arduous task:Rebel hail of bullets、Comic blasting action scenes,Wang Chi-breaking super destruction clown、Two-Face and Bane's treacherous layout。And most of your blood boil,Certainly ride on the super-stylish cool bat fighters wear the right plug left between buildings,And following the Batmobile ride launched a series of thrilling chase,Let your blood boil。What the outcome,Definitely test your superhero potential factor,Perfect cooperation and understanding between and with Batman。

Price from HK $ 150

Macau, Melco shadow exchange - "Batman Night speeding God."

At least 3 days in advance booking ; Booking Date: Reservations accepted now

Product Details

  • Macau, Melco shadow exchange – "God speeding Batman Night" admission ticket
  • Child ticket for ages:12 years old or younger
  • For ages elderly vote:60 years or older
  • Opening time:
    Monday to Friday: 12:00 PM – 20:00 PM
    Saturday to Sunday and public holidays: 11:00 AM – 21:00 PM

Macau, Melco shadow exchange – "Batman Night speeding God" price

Tickets nameadultChildrenSenior citizens
Batman night speeding God$150$120$125

how to use

  1. You must show a printed using credentials,Tickets at the door in exchange for admission to
  2. Two working days after the reservation has been confirmed,And sends the credentials to use your mailbox

Conditions of Entry

  • Ranging in height from 1.2 to 1.95 meters before entering the guest experience this attraction
  • Height somewhere between 1.2 to 1.4 meters of children must be accompanied by an adult
  • Weighing 136 kilograms or more guests this can not be boarded rides
  • Mobility impaired guests,Should make their own board or its counterparts to assist relatives and friends boarded rides
  • Do any of the following conditions if the guests boarded rides:
    1. Pregnant woman
    2. Have heart disease or high blood pressure
    3. Have back pain or neck pain
    4. Easy dizziness、Dizziness or epilepsy
    5. Adverse reactions to the flash effect
    6. Claustrophobic
  • To ensure that you can enjoy the best and safest experience this attraction,Please note the following:
    1. Any time greeting seated
    2. Ensure that your seat belt properly fastened
    3. With great difficulty keeping belongings loose before the rides start
    4. Ensure that your belongings have been placed under the seat of a cell
    5. Do not hold anything during
  • This prohibition rides:
    1. Bring any food or drink into play
    2. Or shoot video
    3. Smoke
  • under emergency, Evacuation procedures will start
  • Management reserves the right to refuse admission to any guest does not comply with the conditions of admission
  • For security reasons,The admission may be required to check before your handbag、Backpack and belongings

Book Details

  • usually,The Company will receive orders 3-4 working days someone reply to your order
  • Events scheduled after the success does not change back
  • The Company will not be reserved for products not yet confirmed
  • As you fail to respond within the specified time and complete the payment process,This order will be automatically treated as canceled
  • The above prices are for reference only,Prevail when the final transaction price to confirm

payment method

  • credit card payment (VISA / MASTER) Buy online or telephone payment
  • Hong Kong / China / Macau, multiple bank accounts,Welcome ATM debit details see the Company “Useful Information”

Macau, Melco shadow exchange – "Batman Night speeding God."

Macau, Melco shadow exchange - "Batman Night speeding God."Macau, Melco shadow exchange - "Batman Night speeding God."

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