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Hotel Package | Macao | 5 stars | Shuttle | Galaxy | Banyan Tree Hotels | 1 night

Hotel Package | Macao | 5 stars | Shuttle | Galaxy | Banyan Tree Hotels | 1 night
Banyan Tree Macau Package

Class 5-star hotel

聞名於世的 悅榕莊 將其「心靜軒」哲學帶到這家位於 "Galaxy Macau ™ ' 內的澳門酒店悅榕莊取名於榕樹因其素以堅毅及優雅著稱歷來世人常將榕樹蔭下當做尋求心靈平靜與內在的處所而這正是悅榕集團取其茁壯成長之道成為亞洲區內頂尖級酒店更是最頂級的澳門酒店

澳門悅榕莊 是市内首個獨特渡假為主題的澳門酒店擁有250間套房和渡假別墅澳門悅榕莊 是世界上第一個市區高層渡假酒店所有豪華套房均配備 室內私人泳池更是眾多澳門酒店中唯一擁有 獨立花園和私人泳池 的標準渡假別墅區


From each package $1,598


"Macau Galaxy" Skywave Tao Park on December 1, 2015 to begin maintenance,
Air torrent,Tong Lok raging rapids Island and in December 1, 2015 to February 29, 2016 Temporary Closure,
Air wave pool will be temporarily closed from December 14 2015 to February 29, 2016,
For annual maintenance,Other facilities will remain open。
Limited Time Offer


只需提前5日預訂 澳門悅榕莊酒店套票即享限時優惠每位低至$1588

澳門悅榕莊酒店套票 詳情

    • 高级路氹套房 Grand Cotai Suite (King / Twin) One night double occupancy。
    • Hotel Breakfast2 parts
    • Business 6 car back and forth to the hotel's marina / 2 drive total mark。
    • Enjoy Skywave Amoy Park Leisure Equipment。
    • Prices include tax, including entry and exit,Tourism stamp duty。
    • Price does not include 15% service charge and government tax。
  • The following dates need another quote: 2016年1月1-3日 2月7-14日 3月25-28日
  • 雙床另加每位加HKD250

澳門悅榕莊酒店套票 提前5日預訂優惠

Room typeThe applicable dateon SundayI-IVFridayon Saturday
高級路氹套房(Double-bed room)$1868$1838N/AN/A


Room typeThe applicable dateon SundayI-IVFridayon Saturday
高級路氹套房(大床房)From now until March 31, 2016$1818$1798$2288$2688
高級路氹套房(Double-bed room)$2068$2048$2538$2938


澳門悅榕莊酒店 相片

Hotel Exterior




高級路氹套房(Double-bed room)


悅榕 Spa

澳門酒店 澳門酒店

Hotel facilities


hotel info

Hotel address:路氹金光大道 「澳門銀河™」 綜合渡假城
Star:Five Star
check in time:3:00 pm
check-out time:11:00 am
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  • The hotel offers shuttle transportation to and from the pier。
  • Other terms and conditions apply。
  • At check-in,Guests must be at least 18 years of age and present a valid identity card or identity document。
  • At check-in,Hotels need to respect the tenant to pay a deposit or credit card imprint。
  • The hotel can not guarantee that all tenants can meet special housing requirements,Guests at the hotel front desk to confirm the time required to check-in;Most special housing requirements may require Attached costs。
  • There may be other aspects of the hotel with extra items。
  • Above packages require a minimum 2 pax,The price of a standard room。
  • Above marked price is for reference。Hotel reserves the right to change prices subject to availability or content packages,Without prior notice。The final transaction price and its contents will be subject to confirmation ORDER。
  • This package only online booking。
  • This package needs to a minimum 3 days Before booking。

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