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Hotel Package | China | Xinhui | Gudou Spa Package | 1 night

Hotel Package | China | Xinhui | Gudou Spa Package | 1 night
GuDou Hot Spring Resort Package

Class 5-star hotel

Xinhui Gudou Spa Located in the southwest end of Xinhui District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province,Near Zhuhai、Macao。Springs Valley area of ​​100,000 square meters,By Don formula、Continental、Three Japanese-style spa area and a spa and other facilities will be composed theme Hot Springs area。Guangdong Province is currently the only company that has two different types of hot springs。

Spa will Gudou Magnificent decoration,Grand Premium。Features visually stunning classic theater,Paradise-like garden restaurant,There are video games、Internet cafes、Shuba、VIP Suite,A full range of recreational facilities and sauna SPA、Foot Spa、Hot and cold kang and other rich health services。

Package From $ 398 per person


Xinhui Gudou Spa Package Details

  • Double Room Stay1 night
  • Hotel Breakfast Buffet
  • Zhuhai Gongbei Gudou round-trip ticket to Hot Springs
  • Spa will be coupons(Each one)
  • Unlimited Hot spring tickets

Xinhui Gudou Spa Package Price

Room Typecheck in time
Sunday to Fridayon Saturday
Villa (Double bed)398528
Lake View Room398528
Luxury Japanese style room568638
Picture-room luxury penthouse568638

The above is the price per person。Two persons packages from peers,Two accounting for a room。

Hotel Information:

Hotel address:Xinhui Gudou Spas Resort in Guangdong Province

Region:China Guangdong

check in time:Two p.m.

Check-out time:at noon




Zhuhai Gongbei–Old helmet hot spring 11:00 15:30

Old helmet hot spring–Bead pocket 13 Beaconsfield:30 17:00

Can provide charter services


Local tourism capitalNews:

Attractions Gui Fengshan Ziyun island paradise concept of Liang Qichao Memorial

Local cuisine Furui burn Swan Citrus Chicken Xinhui Asia Tacitus mold ginger water seafood



  • Package does not have any changes or cancellations after a confirmed。
  • Hotels in response due to environmental activities,Guests must bring their own daily necessities。
  • All the time the hotel shuttle bus to the final announcement。
  • At check-in,Guests must be at least 18 years of age and present a valid identity card or identity document。
  • At check-in,Hotels need to respect the tenant to pay a deposit or credit card imprint。
  • The hotel can not guarantee that all tenants can meet special housing requirements,Guests at the hotel front desk to confirm the time required to check-in;Most special housing requirements may require Attached costs。
  • There may be other aspects of the hotel with extra items。
  • Above marked price is for reference。Hotel reserves the right to change prices subject to availability or content packages,Without prior notice。The final transaction price and its contents will be subject to confirmation ORDER。
  • This package only online booking。
  • This package needs to a minimum 3Working days Before booking。

Good decision? Please complete the simple booking program it!

Gudou Spas Resort photo


Gudou Holiday Lake View Hotel

Gudou Holiday Lake View Hotel,6-storey building,There are 120 sets of deluxe rooms,Hotel decoration design into the nature and rustic charm,The introduction of Xinhui Kwai Heung's unique cultural essence,Highlight the elegant charm in the grand。it's here,The window is beautiful rolling Gudoushan and clear water as a mirror of Pinghu,You can feel the Mountain View suite Bifeng Xiuling freshness,Enjoy the lake view in lake water color scenic views。


Gudou Spa Resort

The mountains around Gudou Spa Resort,Each room has a private outdoor terrace facing the lake Shanhai Springs。Sunset,Both couples,Leaning against the railing overlooking,While enjoying the beautiful landscape sunset,While tea discretion Ming,Really enjoyable romantic。


hotel room


Spa facilities





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