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Hotel Package | China | Canton | Panyu | Clifford Hotel | 1 night

Hotel Package | China | Canton | Panyu | Clifford Hotel | 1 晚 Clifford Hotel Guangzhou Package

Four-star Hotel Class 4

Guangzhou Clifford Hotel,Located in Panyu District, Guangzhou City,An area of ​​100,000,Asia has the largest full、The most perfect vacation club facilities。August 2010 hotel rooms fully upgraded,The hotel has 282 newly renovated deluxe rooms and suites,The guestrooms,Humane space planning and room design,Modern facilities,Makes you feel freehand、comfortable。A wide range of Chinese and Western cuisine,Everything's sports and recreation facilities,Is your business、tourism、Holiday、The best choice for meeting。

NearbyChanglong SafariLotus mountainPanyu MuseumwithPanyu Baomo GardenAnd other tourist hot spots。Transportation connections,Is the intersection of roads from various quarters,Pray daily round trip to Hong Kong、Shenzhen、Beaconsfield frequent bus trips,And from Guangzhou to pray 24 hours a day shuttle bus,There Subway Line 3, Line direct connection blessing,To facilitate ease。Moreover,Guests can also choose to take the train or ship from Hong Kong。Convenient traffic。

From each package $618


Clifford Hotel Guangzhou photo

廣州酒店 廣州酒店 廣州酒店 廣州酒店

Clifford Hotel Guangzhou free exercise of Package Details

  • room for two Stay 1 night
  • In the City to Lotus Port Round-trip tickets 2 sets
  • The hotel buffet breakfast 2。
  • Shuttle bus / Harbor。
  • Guests can enjoy the hotel's water park,Heated spa,Sauna and fitness room,Every once。
  • price Tax is included dock

Guangzhou Clifford Hotel Package Price

check in to a hotelRoom typeAdmission typeon SundayI-IVFridayon Saturdaybreakfast
Clifford Hotel Guangzhou
Clifford Hotel Guangzhou
Standard Superior Room(Free tickets)$618$618$650$650Have
Standard Superior RoomZoo tickets$908$908$938$938Have
Standard Superior RoomJoy to the World Tickets$858$858$888$888Have
Standard Superior RoomWater Park TicketsN/AN/AN/AN/AHave
Standard Superior RoomCircus Tickets$948$948$978$978Have

Clifford Group International Apartment


Guangzhou Clifford Lake Forest Vacation Rentals Mingju Package

Guangzhou Clifford Lake Forest Vacation Rentals MingjuClifford Hotel Group is a subsidiary ofHotel Serviced Apartments,Located in Asia has the largest、The most perfect vacation club facilities Panyu Clifford,Conveniently, Nearby Dr. Hill, Fresh air。

NearbyChanglong SafariLotus mountainPanyu MuseumwithPanyu Baomo GardenAnd other tourist hot spots。Pray daily round trip to Hong Kong、Shenzhen、Beaconsfield frequent bus trips,And from there to pray to Guangzhou Metro Line 3 Line direct connection。

Three-bedroom、Four bedrooms and two living rooms Warm and generous and comfortable interior design serve to warm your home with ease,The hotel is equipped with swimming pool、gym、Kara ok、Disco and other entertainment facilities。Most opt ​​for a big fine stay!

hotel info

Hotel address:China Guangzhou, Guangdong Panyu District, Guangzhou City Road
Region:China Guangdong
check in time:Two p.m.
check-out time:Noon

Hotel facilities

Room Facilities


  • Package does not have any change or cancellation after confirmation。
  • Ms. discount tickets are valid only for Ms.。
  • To update a buffet breakfast for each $ 120 (Adult and children height of 1.5 meters or more)
  • As counterparts child height of 0.7 to 1.5 m,Breakfast can be ordered on their own children to the hotel (Free for children under 0.7 meters tall)
  • All sailing trips and shuttle bus time to the shipping companies or the final announcement hotel。
  • At check-in,Guests must be at least 18 years of age and present a valid identity card or identity document。
  • At check-in,Hotels need to respect the tenant to pay a deposit or credit card imprint。
  • The hotel can not guarantee that all tenants can meet special housing requirements,Guests at the hotel front desk to confirm the time required to check-in;Most special housing requirements may require Attached costs。
  • There may be other aspects of the hotel with extra items。
  • Above marked price is for reference。Hotel reserves the right to change prices subject to availability or content packages,Without prior notice。The final transaction price and its contents will be subject to confirmation ORDER。
  • This package only online booking。
  • This package needs to a minimum 3 days Before booking。

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