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Performance | Macao | Tickets | Melco shadow exchange | Magic Room

Performance | Macao | Tickets | Melco shadow exchange | Magic Room

Product Code: C4

~ ~ Tickets between Macau Magic(Melco shadow exchange)

Into a world-renowned magician Franz. Hala Rui(Franz Sickness)Build a world-class magic space,Incredible exquisite layout will challenge your senses limit。

Carefully designed by the industry's top masters of three separate Magic Theater,Together form a "magic room" a journey of a lifetime Fantastic Art。Many pregnant stunning Cheats unique offerings of world-class magician,The first two were to help out the 150-seat "Phantom of the Opera Theater" and "Castle Theater",Incredible wonderful stunt,Will certainly make you surprised to win praise。

After a warm-up compact,You still doubt their own eyes,But also ready to accept the challenge even more magical breathtaking! Exposure to 300-seat main theater, "Masters magic theater",Designed for appreciation "between Magic" and set the shock magic show,Comic touches your sensory nerves,The magical journey to the highest point。

"The House of Magic" extraordinary extravaganza,Magic fans around the world will attract pilgrims。

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Child under the age of 12 or below must be accompanied by an adult

One person per ticket regardless of age


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