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Crayon Adventure exhibition Kasukabe | Macau

Macao | Crayon Adventure exhibition Kasukabe | Broadway | HKD88 from | December 16, 2017 - February 14, 2018

Product Code:M1233-1

Updated:December 19, 2017


Session Date view:December 16, 2017 - February 14, 2018

屆覽 time:Monday to Sunday(Mon to Sun)14:00-21:00

address:Macau Hotel Broadway, 2nd Floor


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Be sure to participate in the exhibition Kasukabe [Crayon Adventure - Macau] 5 reasons!

  1. Login first large-scale exhibition in Macao,Crayon unprecedented multimedia fun experience!
  2. Dolls carefully crafted in equal proportions and large scenes,So you really Crayon into the cartoon and comic,Funny photo together!
  3. Global exhibition tour for the first time in Macau limited features scenes,With little new family and friends to enjoy the beauty of Macau!
  4. Extension across the years 2017-2018,Are you and your friends to meet the most joyful pastime select a new year!
  5. Rich in content and great value,At the same time affordable yet fun atmosphere,Adventure tour to expand quickly with the new small bar!


Little new warm invitation!

  • Hello everyone! I'm Shinnosuke Nohara,Everyone calls me little new,I was five years old,Favored color is white,Favored pattern is dynamic Superman underwear! Nohara family have all this time to Macau to meet you! My father Hiroshi、Mom beauty 冴,There are white and lovely sister Xiaokui,Kazama Zhongyou Futaba Kindergarten、Masao、Nini、fool、Looks like gangsters principal、Matsuzaka teachers and teacher Yoshinaga。We are the first to Macau it! Ready to face to face with us yet?
  • Ah ~ Now that we all know so long,Let's rare Macau,However, if you come and meet us, then,Then we're going and how do you make friends? Damn,Adults really vexing ah! (Tan Shou shaking his head ...)



  • <Inlet dynamic Adventure>:Variety of small new dynamic Superman dress up to walk you through the world of adventure!
  • <Macau Heritage circumscribed area>:New small first contact,Macau scenic tour together,Feel Macanese style!
  • <Kasukabe Nohara Home>:Nohara family 1:1 proportional to reproduce,Let your little new in Jiazhongzuoke,Give you full of laughter!
  • <Kasukabe Futaba kindergarten>:To catch the school bus,Straight Futaba Kindergarten and Primary new friends to play with!
  • <Small new museum>:Precious movie poster、Copy the original painting and the world to show generous translation,Let 'Usui' teacher's masterpiece spread in the world!
  • <Dazzling night area>:Unique romantic night scene in the flickering light show even more beautiful! Could not help but want to kiss little new naughty boy!
  • <Limited nostalgia Macau Street>:Small and new friends in the streets of the shuttle,Inspired by tricycle、Enjoy beside the Macanese-style building!
  • <Dynamic Superman area>:Superman reproduce large dynamic three-dimensional,Together resorted to "dynamic light waves" Down with the enemy it!
  • <Kasukabe amusement park>:Super game booth area,Covers an area of ​​more than 5,000 Ft.,Rich game fun prizes,Never come to nothing!
  • <Kasukabe Futabado>:New'll take you by the small Church of Futaba enjoy shopping,The new all-inclusive small shop limited commodity exhibition is limited Oh!


Crayon Adventure exhibition Kasukabe official Facebook page


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