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Tour | South America | South Pole | Christmas | 19 days group

South America|South Pole|Christmas| 19 days group

Product Code:M0407-1

Updated:April 5, 2017


Departure Date:December 25, 2017

airline:Qatar Airways(KA)

price:RMB149,900 from / MOP178,380 onwards

Antarctica image search results

South segments depending on weather conditions,Expected to go: Pu Leiniu Bay / Lima Strait / Paradise Bay / Petermann Island / cuverville island / Nick Port / Port Luoke Lei

Pu Leiniu Bay (Pleneau)

Referred to herein as ice floes Square(Plaza of icebergs),A large number of seals perched on ice floes,Here are a photography enthusiast mettle、Apprehended shot paradise。

Lima Strait (Lemaire Channel)

This is only 10,001 km long,1000 6 100 meters wide fairway is one of the most beautiful waterways in Antarctica。Here's why scenery and give it a bit of this honor, said the language can not describe the。Been here once will understand Antarctica charm,This magnificent river with a somewhat strange atmosphere,It is very charming,But always give people a bit of fear;It is attractive,But strange。In fine weather,To this mysterious waterway travel can be said to be a pleasure。

Paradise Bay (Paradise Harbour)

As its name,Paradise Cove beauty fascinated people,Maybe it is your dreaming place,Any words expressed here are pale,Only use your heart to feel as。When the Zodiac slowly travels along the waterways,Surprisingly quiet throughout the world,When ears sounded just melting glaciers,Thousands of small bubbles emerge sound emitted slightly water surface,And the water is ice floes crash our boat。An iceberg crystal clear,Water clear as a mirror,Connected reflection,So you can not distinguish where is the day where the earth is。If the sun comes out,I believe the United States will be even more breathtaking。All in all distractions here have disappeared without a trace,Azeri natural and pure world have been fully integrated。Here and can see part of Argentina 阿尔米兰泰 Brown(Almirante Brown)Gonzalez de la Victoria and belongs to Chile(Gonzalez Videla)As well as with their neighboring penguin habitat。

Petermann Island (Petermann Island)

Petermann Island(Petermann Island)Is Pannuo La waterway(Penola Channel)The most beautiful landscape line,Enjoying the whales in the pack ice in the shuttle scene,Experience the beauty of nature,Especially not with a sense of meaning,We already arrived at the Antarctic Peninsula。In Petermann Island Petermann Island,(Petermann Island)Adrian will see strange views Pingu and imperial cormorants。

Cuverville island (Cuverville Island)

The islands on the Antarctic Peninsula is the largest territory of Papua penguins。This shallow waters around the islands often leads to ice floes aground,Piled spectacular icebergs。Papua penguins to gather the library Buddha Victoria Island (latitude 64 degrees 40 minutes,Longitude 62 degrees 37 minutes),Four weeks is already a snow and ice。Indeed library Buddha Victoria Island is a rocky island black,It is lying quietly Errera Channel between Ronge Island and the northern part of the peninsula in 阿克托斯基,In the margin of the sea shore erosion can see the black rocks。

Nick Harbor (NekoHarbour)

Nick Harbor(NekoHarbour)Antarctica is one of the landing entrance,Figure penguin is also a gathering place for gold,Nick Harbor(NekoHarbour)Comfortable lying in the hills surrounded by andvord bay(Andvord Bay),Majestic glaciers become its natural barrier。When reaching the place special feeding minke whales,You will be able to fully appreciate the majestic andvord bay(Andvord Bay) And views of the Antarctic Peninsula。

洛克雷 Port (Port Lockroy)

The port was built in 1941,Was a British base was abandoned in 1962。Until 1996 was only "Antarctic Heritage Foundation," transformed into a museum。In the surrounding buildings reproduction of Papua penguins nest here has become a landscape。This museum houses the post office and some souvenirs for sale,Sell ​​some coat、Shirts and postcards and the like store。In addition to postal and telecommunications services,Stores also provide customers with first day covers and rare Antarctic postmark。All can be pulled from the Luo Hong Kong(Port Lockroy)Mailed letters are entitled to special postmark Antarctica and free mail service。

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