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Tour | One day group | Korea | Seoul | The arrival of spring flowers | Flowers bloom

One day group | Korea | Seoul | The arrival of spring flowers | Flowers bloom(HSA08)

Product Code:M0114-1

Updated:January 17, 2017


set off: 3-4月(Daily departure,In case of Korea except public holidays)

price: 成人HKD480大小同價

# 3 years of age not occupying free hugs children



09:30Hongik University Station Departure
11:45~13:00lafesta mall自費午餐
17:30Back to the dissolution of Seoul
# Over time is the approximate time, Depending on the day of transportation needs, The weather, Please pay attention!

More than # 6 pax,

# 費已包含行程列明之所有車費、Chinese drivers and staff costs

# 此團午餐不包括在內屆時工作人員會細心指示餐廳及小吃位置




《日山湖水公園》 面積達30萬坪為亞洲最大的人工湖水公園內有環繞水邊廣場丹頂鶴飼育場音樂噴泉及100多種野生花及20萬棵鬱鬱蒼蒼的樹木為矚目的市中心休憩名勝




《陶唐山櫻花節》 座落於富川市遠美區的陶唐山每逢春天樹齡30~40年的櫻花樹紛紛盛開於枝頭綻放春意長達1.8km的櫻花道年復一年展現春的爛漫成為踏青賞花的勝地




《 遠美山杜鵑花 》 每到花季於富川市遠美區春衣洞的杜鵑花園一帶就會舉辦遠美山杜鵑花節滿山遍野的杜鵑花歡慶春天到來



  1. 6 pax
  2. 團費已包含行程列明之所有車費、Chinese drivers and staff costs
  3. 此團午餐不包括在內屆時工作人員會細心指示餐廳及小吃位置
  4. Children under 3 years old without charge, 但不佔坐位
  5. 櫻花及杜鵑花數量多少乃大自然因素,Human Bunengkongzhi,敬請原諒
  6. Such as collection time there are changes, Colleagues will be responsible for one to two days prior to departure such as Whatsapp or email contact guests
  7. Above times are approximate budget time,Implementation shall depend on the traffic and the weather that day,Please pay attention
  8. If travel by bad weather(Such as typhoons、snowstorm)Force majeure and other factors need to cancel,Will be informed in advance and arrange a refund or rescheduled
  9. Railway bicycle such as pregnancy,Passengers should not be involved with the nape pain
  10. Warm care tips: In case of any unexpected things stroke, All of our staff will certainly do our best to help, However, if the cause of injury or death due to factors that can not be predicted, Our company does not assume any responsibility, Please pay attention
  11. All our coaches have to buy Ping An Insurance,It is recommended that passengers must buy their own travel insurance, To get a more comprehensive protection


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