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Tour | One day group | Korea | Seoul | Safe movement ATV

One day group | Korea | Seoul | Safe movement ATV


Product Code:M0116-1

Updated:January 19, 2017


set off: April 3, 2017 - October 31(Every Monday、two、Four groups)

price: Adult HKD720 / Child HKD620(3-11 years old)

# 3 years of age not occupying free hugs children



07:30/08:15Hongik University Station departure station or Myeongdong
09:45Nami Island
13:30ATV amphibious off-road vehicles
15:00Morning Calm Arboretum
16:30Return trip
17:30Arrived in Seoul disbanded(Dissolution location:Myeong-dong / Hongdae)
# Over time is the approximate time, Depending on the day of transportation needs, The weather, Please pay attention!

# 4 or more people into the group

# Must be 18 years of age or older to driving alone sport utility vehicle (ATV) 18 years of age must be a carpool with one adult


Morning Calm Arboretum

Located in Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do of Morning Calm Arboretum,During the winter garden exhibition on display colored stars,Of hundreds of lighting the night to create a more romantic atmosphere,But also more than drama[She is very beautiful、Lutheran、You're Beautiful]Shooting Attractions。

Nami Island

Classic Korean drama "Winter Sonata" shooting the famous attractions,Since the boom of Korean,Let Nami Island became foreign tourists must visit itinerary,Can rest peacefully walking in nature。Now went to Chuncheon and Nami Island feel the romantic atmosphere it!


Experience amphibious off-road all-terrain vehicles (ATV)

ATV full name is All Terrain Vehicle,There are "fit so there is terrain Jiaotonggongju" meaning,Accompanied by a professional instructor,Experience the full 50 minutes of the mountain and amphibious off-road vehicles to stimulate popular activity in recent years, South Korea。You may be led by professional instructors,Mercedes-Benz experience in the mountains and streams of new experience。


  1. Admission is included in all tour itinerary listed、lunch、fare、Chinese drivers and staff costs
  2. Children under 3 years old without charge, But do not take up seats and meals
  3. Such as collection time there are changes, Colleagues will be responsible for one to two days prior to departure such as Whatsapp or email contact guests
  4. Above times are approximate budget time,Implementation shall depend on the traffic and the weather that day,Please pay attention
  5. If travel by bad weather(Such as typhoons、snowstorm)Force majeure and other factors need to cancel,Will be informed in advance and arrange a refund or rescheduled
  6. Railway bicycle such as pregnancy,Passengers should not be involved with the nape pain
  7. Warm care tips: In case of any unexpected things stroke, All of our staff will certainly do our best to help, However, if the cause of injury or death due to factors that can not be predicted, Our company does not assume any responsibility, Please pay attention
  8. All our coaches have to buy Ping An Insurance,It is recommended that passengers must buy their own travel insurance, To get a more comprehensive protection


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