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Tour | One day group | Taiwan | Taipei | Yangmingshan | Flowers bloom

One day group | Taiwan | Taipei | Yangmingshan | Flowers bloom

Product Code:M0115-1

Updated:January 18, 2017

set off: March 3(Only to distinguish one group)

price: HKD380 same size price

February 16 date that is restore the original price per person registration fee HKD 480


08:00Iraq Ximending Paradise hotel entrance / 08:30 Taipei Main Station Exit M3 (Next Tiancheng Hotel)

(Passengers can choose a location where the car collection)

10:00Yannick American Dream Village - now built your dream dessert (In March, as the course content may be)
12:30Yangmingshan Flower Picnic (Picnic meals、Picnic mat)
16:30Freshwater Street
17:30Fisherman's Wharf boardwalk sunset、Lover Bridge
18:30Paradise Hotel Ximending return to Iraq / RaoHe Night disbanded (A place where visitors can choose to get off)

(Commercially available products can be added gold HKD 80 per dinner dumplings)


Because of the need to confirm the number of picnic box ready,Do not accept the cancellation after registration。According fee will be charged。

Spent and how much is the nature factor,Human Bunengkongzhi,In addition to rain as usual departure,Please forgive me。

Children under 2 years of age or over without charge(No DIY activity costs and expenses picnic),For number of plus order a picnic box please notice。

In case of weather or other reasons are not dine al fresco,There are picnic grounds will be changed to cover to avoid the matter of。

Above times are approximate budget time,Implementation shall depend on the traffic and the weather that day,Please pay attention。

As in any emergency occur trip,All of our staff will certainly do our best to help,However, if the cause of injury or death due to factors that can not be predicted,

Our company does not assume any responsibility,Please pay attention to their own safety。

All our coaches have to buy Ping An Insurance,It is recommended that passengers must buy their own personal travel insurance,To get a more comprehensive protection。

When the bloom,Cherry status change due to weather conditions,A group such as cherry day poor condition,Without refund。

Without waiting for the timeout again,And will not further notice and without refund。


Bank account information

Yannick American Dream Village

  • Turn into the alley next to Yangte Avenue in,Greeted by lanes of shade trees,Jing Joseph、Secret,Formerly filled with 1950s American South building for the US military dormitory unique charm,People feel exposure to a foreign country,Time seems to slow down,Madding Crowd troubles away five minutes before full,Like the movie as exciting mobile world。
  • Because the reason the US military dormitory,Headland Taipei City earlier than after baptism Western food culture。Such as cakes、Biscuit、chocolate、coffee、Coke、Steak,For Taiwan, the US diet food culture began to spread from the US to defend nourish period,From food and clothing to the present delicate diet,Especially in today's affluent favorite for dessert and coffee has become a part of life,Everywhere can appreciate the influence of American culture into Taiwan。
  • In recent years due to promote cultural and creative industries,Taipei whole city is lit torch shine as its own elegance,Exquisite dessert is without boundaries,Culture is to deepen,History can also be extended,Dessert creation might well be closer to people's lives and creative industries。
  • The mission is a dream village history dating back、Extension of the carrier of culture、Dessert spirit of cultural innovation irrigation。

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Yangmingshan National Park

  • Yangmingshan National Park, close to the Taipei metropolitan area,The region with the main sink Datun volcano group,Area 11,456 ha,Managed by the Construction and Planning Agency Yangmingshan National Park Service,Cone due to volcanic activity caused by the volcanic body and bell、Crater lake、Sulfur hole、And geothermal hot springs,Research has entertainment value and,Affected by the monsoon,Plants with both high prairie、Short grassland、Hardwood forest、Subtropical rainforest and aquatic plant communities,Isoetes gave birth to Taiwan、Rhododendron Datun、Butterflies and birds,Yangmingshan Park cherry blossoms and azaleas planted,Flowers make this area become the most attractive place in Taipei suburbs。
  • Yangmingshan National Park due to the impact of altitude and latitude,Climate subtropical climate zone and sub-temperate climate zone。Spring two、March is the traditional season of Yangming Park,Various colorful azaleas and hillsides Fei cold cherry,Flowers attract large crowds,Let Yangmingshan early spring is even more vibrant。Summer monsoon blowing views of the Yin Xinan、The impact of afternoon thunderstorms,When drizzle Hatsuhare,Often to find "Hongqiao straddles the valley" in the mountains of views。And when autumn,Miscanthus show swaying flowers;The red dotted branches,Patches of golden leaves,Woven into a more famous of "Autumn Datun";Winter northeast monsoon is due to Yangmingshan,Often cold mountain rain,Low humidity,Diffuse clouds。In case of intense cold weather,Qixingshan、Bamboo Hill、Datun area even seen snow swirling,Snow-covered world became white。
  • Moreover,To Datun volcano group as the main body of Yangmingshan National Park,The volcano is the main distribution area,Geological structure mostly andesite;Special cone shape or bell-shaped body and a volcano crater、Crater lake,This area constitutes a unique geological and topographical landscape。A large area、Xiao Youkeng、manger、Large Takuangtsui etc.,Fumaroles can be seen intense activity;The distribution of many hot springs in the park area,It has long known far and wide。

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Freshwater Street

  • Danshui Old Street is located in New Taipei City Taiwan freshwater zone,The general said, "Danshui Old Street",Refers to Tamsui Zhongzheng Road area,Lin Jie with its surroundings - San Min Street、Street reconstruction、Truth Street、Shimizu Street area。it's here,Keyijiandao save the legacy of ancient buildings、Houses。
  • Danshui Old Street feature is the old font size gourmet,It is the most famous place where the fresh water of。Moreover,There are also many freshwater Street art shop、coffee shop、Clothing store、store,Is a set of dishes、snack、shopping、Leisure in one of the streets,Taiwan is one of the most characteristic streets。day、Night,Even throughout the year showed a different face grace。
  • Although today's new buildings everywhere,But freshwater MRT station is located on the west side of Chung Cheng Road、Street reconstruction、Shimizu Street and other streets,Still visible in many of the early brick-built shops。And the number of seats the old temple located during,It also reflects the local history。The oldest bliss Palace It was built in the Qing Yongzheng;Moreover,There also has freshwater Temple of hundred years of history,Tourists can visit the。
  • Freshwater historic,Also developed a diverse food culture,This is also the visitors to this basic purpose。Close to the coast road there will be many seafood restaurants CKS,Among the most popular cheap sea breeze restaurant。Snack aspects,Freshwater fish balls、Fish cakes、Ferritin、A given as the most popular,There are delicious fresh plum juice, etc.。
  • Chung Cheng Road, lined with numerous fish、Fish 酥店,Many of them historic old,Starling such as fish balls、Tasty fish、Wei Xiang fish、Xu Yi fish cakes, etc.;Intriguing "ferritin" is repeatedly stewed spiced corned egg,Finally protein shrunk to a thin black bast,The smell of alcohol。Lady ferritin than 30 years,Is one of the most well-known snacks fresh water town;"A to" the practice of deep-fried tofu skin stuffed with fans in,On paste fish paste,Steamed and sprinkled with a special chili sauce,This road has become flavor special snacks。After eating the local delicacy,Plum wish to sour and sweet cup,Satisfy the taste buds of the mouth。

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