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Shenzhen arrange pick-up、Visit University of Hong Kong、Hong Kong theme park fun、With Venetian、Including Hong Kong 7 days unlimited Internet traffic phone card、Containing L-supply OFF endorsement

  • <Deep into the Pearl - Hong Kong and Macao Flying 6th Tour>Shenzhen arrange pick-up、Visit University of Hong Kong、Hong Kong theme park fun、With Venetian、Including Hong Kong 7 days unlimited Internet traffic phone card、Containing L-supply OFF endorsement

    product Overview

    Travel days:6 days 5 nights
    Round-trip transportation:Aircraft / Aircraft
    Registration deadline:3 days before the group of 18 points
    Form groups:Joint development group;This product and other travel agencies jointly issued group。

    feature of product

    feature of product
    ★ peak shifting travel–To avoid the crowds,Unimpeded;
    ★ upgrade Attractions–Products containing monovalent scene using pattern,Contained covers travel attractions tickets,Allowing visitors to travel worry-free;
    ★ travel accommodation–Check full Comfort Hotel,Bid farewell to the small area economy hotel used by tour groups,Let your journey also feel at home;
    ★ service upgrade–Arrange professional guides、Attentive service leader;This journey because "they" exists,So that you are no longer strangers to Hong Kong;
    note:This line may be no bed children when traveling application under 21 (excluding 21 years) Registration、21 years of age and no such concessions must register in accordance with the price of adult under 18 and do not accept enrollment accounted bed。Children under 3 years of age and receive round-trip ticket costs 200 yuan fee ticket from Hong Kong to Macau。
    Under 18 years of age does not support single people travel,Over 55 years old need to be accompanied by an adult or family trips。

    Reception standards

    Dining arrangements:Hong Kong-style morning tea、Aotelaisi specials

    Accommodation:Local quality and comfortable hotel

    Play arrangements:Containing free activities,Giving you ample free time,Fully understand the local history

    Intimate gift:Hong Kong presented 7 days unlimited Internet traffic phone card (2 a) and then donated Victoria Harbor night、Send off the team signed free travel

    important hint

    1. dissatisfied flight time can change it? answer:Prices on the site front desk calendar cards crawl is the day of all airlines operating system is the most expensive set of (more red-eye flight),If you have special requirements for flight time,Increase can upgrade any other flights,If you carry the elderly&Children travel,Recommended to choose their own little better flight,So as not to affect the comfort of your entire journey。
    2. I have set up a round-trip ticket,Registration can take this group do? answer:If you have already booked tickets can contact customer accounts ticket prices,Remove air fares,Offered to local;
    3. I have yet to apply for permit,Can sign it? answer:If you did not apply for permit,Hong Kong and Macao can apply for the period according to local police,Select the appropriate group of registration (ID number can be the first to provide a ticket,After the documents for good supplemented pass information)。Tickets priced products for special votes in real time,"Early morning given preferential"According to the provisions of the Civil Aviation Authority,Permit is no longer as effective opportunity for documents。Please when booking,Fill in the correct information Resident Identity Card,So as not to delay your trip)
    4. I have only one person,Can fight room? answer:Depending on the first day of arrival for all time,So on the first day were unable to fight room。If you travel just a bit before traveling up the first day of the single room you can,Dates can be arranged behind same-sex fight room,If you do not want to fight room can make the single room (see specific group of quotation)。
    Are 5.XX group into a group of already? If not a group how to do? answer:This line 10 can be fat group、Would definitely travel (such as a typhoon or other force majeure factors except)。
    ☞ welcome you to our service supervision,Trip have any questions,Please feel free to call us to reflect 4007-999-999。

    Traffic Information

    Team Tickets、Train tickets can not be guaranteed to meet the special needs of flight time or train berths, etc.,cause you inconvenience,beg to be excused。

    Line Introduction

    D1 Day 1 Departure Shenzhen
    Departure Shenzhen
    Special Note:Scheduled[Next]Rear,The system defaults to the lowest price tickets。Upon arrival at Shenzhen airport to arrange pick-up driver (please inform the driver ahead of flight departure time,Pick-up time is 10:00-22:00),Take the car to the hotel check-in private。As Shenzhen earlier arrival time,Shenzhen's major shopping district can go to their own play area。
    East Gate Street
    East Gate Street

    ★ Please book tickets in advance for 2-3 hours in accordance with the time arrival at the airport,Their own boarding pass,Checked baggage。

    ★ please visitors to contact their drivers,Inform departure time,Upon arrival, the driver should contact again,Inform the driver has arrived at the airport,The next step to communicate [in consideration of the flights were delayed departure、Arriving flight delays and a series of reasons,So the need to contact the driver by the guests themselves,Contact the driver or the emergency contact person,Refer to the notice of group]

    ★ This pick-up service for the gift,Pick-up time is 10:00-22:00,Please select the time period VIP flight arrived in Shenzhen。Failure to arrive during this period,Please take a taxi to the hotel on their own,And reservation tickets cost reimbursement。[1 people such as travel need to make up the difference between 100 yuan Shenzhen car (if not fill transportation to the hotel please take care of themselves,Retain a small ticket receipt the next day to find a leader for reimbursement]

    ★ first night stay in Shenzhen can not be scheduled fight room,Please fill Shenzhen single room、Such as 3 or 3 people or more to produce a single number of trips can be arranged Triple:Shenzhen hotel single room on weekdays 150 yuan / person / night,And holiday season like summer 180 yuan / person / night

    breakfast:Please take care of themselves;lunch:Please take care of themselves;dinner:Please take care of themselves
    Stay·Shenzhen Green Tree Inn hotels or other alternative hotel
    Day 2 D2 Shenzhen, Hong Kong
    Shenzhen, Hong Kong
    In the morning for a good check-out (subject to the notice out time to leader)Assemble at the hotel lobby,Stopping Huanggang Port to enter Hong Kong,(Eg due to personal reasons not collection,Please follow self-care cost of transportation to catch up with the team),Go to Hong Kong to start a new charm tour。
    ❤ case of large or holiday season,Clearance queuing time may be longer。You hold documents、Entry and exit channels are different,Therefore, different clearance rate,Please help each other and be patient with the group of small partners;

    ❤ team of tourists from all over,Please be polite,May occur during travel carpool,If there's any inconvenience, please understand!

    Attractions·University of Hong Kong or The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    Will visit the University of Hong Kong or The Hong Kong Polytechnic University] about 30 minutes) school adhering to the "Ming Dege objects" motto,Since school legislation has been respected high-quality teaching,Students learning in small groups,School taught in English and students are encouraged to participate in foreign exchange,Allowed contact with foreign cultures,Graduate employment rates and graduation rates are the highest salary level of colleges and universities in Hong Kong,Here we can feel a deep sense of taste learning in advance,Feeling is not the same university teaching environment,Expand children's social international level,Experience different educational cultures。

    Hong Kong university
    Hong Kong university
    Attractions·Victoria Peak
    Victoria Peak elevation of 554 meters, commonly known as the Victoria Peak Victoria Peak,Hong Kong Island is the summit,Is the best place overlooking Victoria Harbor views.,The first focus of the tour in Hong Kong。Peak day and night scenery vary,Whether you are not a romantic person,Be sure to also arrange night tours to Victoria Peak,Observation deck to enjoy the scenery of the best locations in the Peak Tower、Lions Pavilion next to the cable car station,At night you will never forget in Hong Kong。<font color=”# Ff9702″>(This point is presented Attractions,If you can not arrange this attraction would change gifts other attractions)</font>
    The Peak
    The Peak
    Attractions·Repulse Bay
    Repulse Bay in the south of Hong Kong Island,Hong Kong is the most representative of the beautiful bay。Repulse Bay is known as "Tianxiadiyi Bay",There is also the "Oriental Hawaii" reputation,Hong Kong is the most representative beach,Located in the south of Hong Kong Island,At the midpoint of Stanley and Ocean Park。Repulse Bay is one of Hong Kong's most exclusive residential areas,Hong Kong is also the most popular and the most accessible of the most representative beaches,Visitors will be to the famous scenic spot。
    Scenic Ocean Park (Ocean Park) is the largest marine theme leisure center in Southeast Asia,It mountains and the sea,Covers an area of ​​two hundred and fifteen acres,Collection of marine wonders and recreational facilities in one,Hong Kong is the best place for leisure residents,More mainland tourists in Hong Kong and abroad will come to the land。(This point is presented Attractions,If you can not arrange this attraction would change gifts other attractions)
    Repulse Bay
    Repulse Bay
    Hong Kong Ocean Park Hong Kong is a marine-based theme park,Southern District Wong Chuk Hang in Hong Kong,January 10, 1977 inaugurated。Hong Kong Ocean Park is divided into three parts,Are located in the north of the mountain garden,Brick Hill and south of the south and Tai Shue Wan,There are more than 40 rides。
    Attendance reports based on TEA / ERA in 2009 published Attractions,Attendance over the world rankings Ocean Park Hong Kong jumped to 14 bits,Asia is ranked for the first 5 bits,In the whole of China continued to rank high, according to the first bit。More Ocean Park in 2006 was chosen as "one of the world's top ten most popular theme park" Forbes website,Then in 2007, it was announced Forbes as "the world's top 50 most visited tourist attractions."。(Play about 3 hours。And the leader is not accompanied by the park)
    Marine Park
    Hong Kong Ocean Park
    Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center (HKCEC) in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center in Wanchai, Hong Kong,Is one of the newest buildings in the seaside representatives in Hong Kong area。This huge building quite streamlined shape,Just like a seabird he tried to fly high,Large glass walls facing the Victoria Harbor and contemporary。It's new wing by reclaimed from the expansion,Auditorium and exhibition hall included a large number of,Distributed in the three-story building,Is one of the world's largest exhibition hall。1997 July 1 handover ceremony was also held in China where,Become the focus of international attention,And its unique bird spreading its wings-in form,But also to the beautiful Victoria Harbor add a lot of color。
    Convention Center is a world-class convention and exhibition venues,Here are held exhibitions and a variety of large and small ceremony every year。Seven Chinese and Western restaurants in the center have their own characteristics,Visitors can have a variety of dining options。G located Hall layer mainly provides Bauhinia Cantonese Dim refreshments,Harbor Restaurant offers authentic Hong Kong-style cuisine;New Shanghai Shanghai L1 layer of the main dish,Shanghai If you miss a friend may wish to go home cuisine a try;Italy and Japan Pavilion L2 layer provides Italian and Asian cuisine、Hui-view restaurant offers buffet L4 layer,Here you can enjoy a cuisine,While enjoying views of the harbor out the window。There are also such as Harbor Road Cafe、Harbor Cafe Coffee Corner, etc.,Can enjoy a comfortable in visiting the exhibition of more than a cup of coffee。
    Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center
    Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center
    Within the Golden Bauhinia statue stands at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center Expo Promenade waterfront。Near the monument stands a return record,Monument engraved with the handwritten handwriting former President Jiang Zemin。Top record monument white ring symbolizes the return of Chinese sovereignty over Hong Kong,The lifestyle above 50 rings representing Hong Kong remain unchanged for 50 years。
    7:00 every morning, 50 minutes,Golden Bauhinia Square will be held solemn and grand flag-raising ceremony。In the accompaniment of the national anthem,Chinese national flag and the regional flag of the HKSAR slowly rising,Flapping in the wind,The whole ceremony lasted about 15 minutes。
    Golden Bauhinia Square
    Golden Bauhinia Square
    Attractions·Victoria Harbor
    Victoria Harbor (referred to as the harbor) is located between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula Harbor。Since the deep water port,Natural harbor,Hong Kong is both a trade hub,Source of economic boom,Hong Kong is a portrayal of the bustling city,Day or night,Steady stream of ships in port。Hong Kong has a "Pearl of the Orient" in the world,Most of it lies in the spectacular night view of Victoria Harbor,She Naples and Italy、Hakodate Japan and known as "the world's three Night"。<font color=”# Ff9702″>(This point is presented attractions such as the case of heavy rain、Typhoon or other force majeure、Seasick and other attractions in their own causes cancellation,Refundable fee and no new attractions。View)</font>
    Central, Hong Kong Ferris wheel
    Central, Hong Kong Ferris wheel
    Central, Hong Kong Ferris wheel
    Leader not accompanied by night,If there's any inconvenience, please understand
    Hong Kong car selling souvenirs as follows:★ Mask 210 yuan、
    ★ Bauhinia 150 yuan / duo、★ Bear Biscuits 130 yuan / box、★ keychain 120 yuan / cartridge、
    ▲ The above recommendations are subject to voluntary,Actual selling price, whichever tour。
    lunch:Inclusive of
    Aberdeen nostalgic meal
    dinner:Inclusive of

    Cruise meal

    breakfast:Please take care of themselves
    Stay·Hong Kong YiorNinaorTropicanaorRosedale Hotel Kowloon or other alternative
    D3 Day 3 Hong Kong
    Hong Kong
    After breakfast, Wong Tai Sin [] (about 30 minutes) Wong Tai Sin Temple in Hong Kong is the most popular temple incense,Are very well known in Hong Kong and abroad。Wong Tai Sin Temple building is very distinctive Chinese traditional classical temple,The magnificent temple,Building majestic atmosphere。Wong Tai Sin temple is dedicated to the legendary fairy Akamatsu,Sin is a responsive,Sign the text is very efficacious,Yin this sincerely pray for us to be here,Bless his family healthy。
    Wong Tai Sin Temple
    Wong Tai Sin Temple
    Hong Kong
    [Hong Kong] Aotelaisi brand outlet mall about 90 minutes to visit the DFS duty-free [] no more than 60 minutes (please observe tourists account of the time a good guide,Do not let the guests waiting for the same group,This time excluding meal times)
    free time
    free time

    After the end of the trip,free time,Return voluntarily hotel stay at the hotel。

    ★ You may or own their own expense to [Sky100 observation deck] play,Direct super lift ride within 1 minute of the observation tower [100 F] horizon 100 Lookout loopback 360、Day and night to enjoy the stunning views of the world-famous Hong Kong、Hong Kong Island、Kowloon Peninsula、Tsing Ma Bridge、Wan Chai Convention and Exhibition、Government House、The new government headquarters and various universities among all the sights at a glance,So you never forget。
    breakfast:Inclusive of
    Hong Kong-style morning tea
    All-day dining:Please take care of themselves
    dinner:Please take care of themselves
    Stay·Hong Kong YiorNinaorTropicanaorRosedale Hotel Kowloon or other alternative
    D4 Day 4 Hong Kong
    Hong Kong

    Free time to,Please do tourists Raiders,Start day free journey,If you do not refer to the following recommended itinerary:The proposed purchase of Octopus card,MRT can、Bus、Convenience Store、Fast food and other use,Balance Duotuishaobu,Easy to use,Please note that the last train MRT first time,Avoid missing,Go out should pay attention to personal and property safety;

    ★ You can go at their own expense [own] Hong Kong Disneyland tickets for adults Retail price is $ 539 Hong Kong dollars。

    ★ Hong Kong is a duty-free port,International brands more than new models。Access:Times Square、Sogo Department Store、Pacific Place、Harbor City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon、New World Center in Tsim Sha Tsui、Broadway like Circuit City and other procurement of goods;

    ★ Hong Kong is recognized as a gourmet paradise,Can go to Lan Kwai Fong、Kowloon City、Hong Kong style cafes;

    Hong Kong Disneyland
    Lan Kwai Fong
    Mong Kok
    Harbor City
    breakfast:Please take care of themselves;lunch:Please take care of themselves;dinner:Please take care of themselves
    Stay·Hong Kong YiorNinaorTropicanaorRosedale Hotel Kowloon or other alternative
    D5 Day 5 Hong Kong and Macao
    Hong Kong and Macao
    Collection at the specified time、After the boat to 'fly' the general speed to Macau,Arrive after the beginning of tour。

    A collection based on the time of the actual notification leader。

    Attractions·Lotus Square
    Golden Lotus Square in Macao Gonzaga Jones Street、Between Bethesda and Avenida da Amizade。To celebrate the transfer of sovereignty in Macau in 1999,Central Renminzhengfu People's Republic of China sent a statue induced sculpture called "Sheng Shilian flower"。
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