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Museums and exhibition halls

Macau Museum

The Macau Museum is a museum that showcases Macau's history and multiculturalism,The exhibits in the museum are rich in and profound historical and cultural connotation,Showcasing the historical changes in Macau over the centuries,Tell from different countries、Residents of different cultural backgrounds living peacefully in Macau

Maritime Museum

The theme of the Maritime Museum not only reflects the close connection between Macau's history and the sea,And systematically expounded the maritime history of China and Portugal,Explain the importance of the sea to humans and culture

Teiie Oya

Mandarin's House was built in about 1869 years ago,Is a famous modern Chinese thinker Zheng Guanying Former Residence,It is a courtyard-style mansion。Although the main building shapes to build China,But they all reflect the combination of Chinese and Western specialties,Chinese architecture practices mainly in the roof、Structural beams、Inner court in a variety of window,There are times rope doors;But by the Western or foreign influence is confirmed in some of the processing chamber ceiling、Lintel window lintel style、Cornice line,And outer walls plastering

Wine Museum

The Wine Museum is divided into three exhibition areas:Historic district of wine growing and winemaking、wine cellar、exhibition area。 Map of these exhibition areas、Text、photo、Portuguese Painted Brick、Video etc. to introduce visitors to the development history of grape growing and winemaking,At the same time, it creates a wine making scene。 it's here,Visitors can also see the traditional and modern tools used to grow grapes

Grand Prix Museum

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Macau Grand Prix,The museum was officially inaugurated in 1993。There are more than 20 famous chariots in the museum,Have a formula car、Items used by motorcycles and riders。One of the most famous is the famous car and the racing suit of the late driver Xian

Macau Art Museum

This is the only museum in Macau that focuses on art and cultural relics,It is also the largest visual art exhibition space in Macau。Collection of Chinese paintings and calligraphy in the museum、seal、ceramics、bronze、Western painting、Precious artworks and cultural relics such as modern art and photography

Macau Returning Gifts Exhibition Hall

To congratulate the establishment of the Macau Special Administrative Region,The big family of the Chinese nation composed of fifty-six nationalities,Including the State Council and 32 provinces、 autonomous region、 Municipalities and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region,We sent our heartfelt blessings and auspicious congratulations to our compatriots in Macao。 These gifts have strong local characteristics and unique artistic charm,Has a special meaning

Macau Science Museum

The Macau Science Museum was designed by master architects Pei Yuming and Bayes Architects,The overall building area of ​​the building is about 20,000Square meter,Exhibition Center、Planetarium、The three parts of the conference center

Treasure House of Rose Church

Whenever I walk to the end of the front of the meeting hall,Will be attracted to the majestic and beautiful Rose Church,The chrysanthemum exterior wall and dark green doors and windows make her exude a charming youthful atmosphere。In fact, this is a church with a history of hundreds of years,Renovated and whitewashed,Reply to her glorious original appearance

St. Joseph's Collection Museum

The Jesuits founded St. Joseph's Convent in 1728。In the past three hundred years,St. Joseph ’s Seminary not only trained many outstanding clergy for the Catholic Church,It is also closely connected with the social development of Macau,And to the local culture、education、Art and philanthropy make positive contributions

Catholic Art Museum and Tomb

The Catholic Art Museum is located in the ruins of St. Paul ’s Cathedral (Church of the Mother of God) behind the Torii。Between 1990 and 1996,The Macau government conducts archaeology on the ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral、Repair and reuse engineering,And the location of the main altar of St. Paul ’s Cathedral,Built the tomb and the Catholic Art Museum。The tomb and museum opened on October 23, 1996

Macau Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

The memorial was originally the residence of Mr. Sun Yat-sen's family,Is a building full of Islam。It was only opened as the "Father's Memorial" in 1958

Neue Oya

VII house is located in Hall Lane,Macau prominent businessman Lu Huashao (Lujiu) family's old home。According to the patio between the house once left the cornice poem year display,About fifteen years the Qing dynasty (1889) completed。Lou Kau Mansion was made of thick brick two-storey building built in Chinese,It is a typical Chinese-style mansion,Guangdong is also gentle and delicate in residential architectural style typical of the late Qing Dynasty

Lin Zexu Museum of Macau

September 3, 1839,Lin Zexu, Minister of Opportunities who banned opium in Guangdong, and Deng Tingzhen, Governor of Guangdong and Guangxi, met with Australian and Portuguese directors at Lianfeng Temple,Announced that Enwei declared a ban。No opium,Received cooperation between the Australian and Portuguese authorities and the defense of Macau,Fully exercised China's sovereignty over Macao

Xian Xinghai Memorial Hall

Xian Xinghai is a people's musician who has made great contributions in the history of modern music in China,He was born in a fisherman's family in Macau,After hard and diligent exploration,Fusion of Chinese and Western music techniques,In the short forty years, he created many popular music works,Filled with the inclusive humanistic temperament rooted in Macau。One of his representative works, "The Yellow River Chorus" was widely sung during the Anti-Japanese War,Encourage the morale of the people throughout the war,Stimulate patriotism

Fire Museum

The Fire Museum is located in the command building of the General Fire Department。The command building was built in 1920,With Southern European architectural style。The museum has two exhibition halls with different styles,About 350 square meters,More than 700 exhibits

Rencitang Museum

Rencitang is the oldest charity in Macao,Founded by Jani Lu, the first Catholic Bishop of Macau in 1569

Land and Nature Museum

Land and Nature Museum,The theme of the exhibition is natural resources and ecological conservation。The museum is located in Shek Pai Wan Country Park,The first natural museum in Coloane Island,Inaugurated on March 21, 1997。The two venues of the Land and Nature Museum have a total of five exhibition areas,Introduced separately:Macao Natural Geography、specimen、Botanical specimen、Simulation Mangrove,More than 200 exhibits were exhibited

Dragon ring rhyme

"Dragon Ring Portuguese Rhyme" is one of the eight scenic spots in Macau。"Dragon Ring" is the old name for Taipa,"Portuguese rhyme" refers to the Portuguese architectural charm,Including many Portuguese houses by the sea、Carmo Church、Enchanting picturesque scenery such as parks,Among them, five small green buildings are the most representative

"Speaking Time" Audio Museum

The museum has a collection of machines and various antique appliances used by humans to listen to music hundreds of years ago,In addition to a close-up tour,You can also enjoy the wonderful music from antique music and gramophone more than a century ago;Experience the incomparable wisdom of the pioneers of human technology,You have witnessed the development of music appliances from manual to electric in the past 100 years

Pawn Shop Exhibition Hall

At the end of the new road is a building that was originally a pawn shop,Has been converted into a pawn shop exhibition hall。 Pawnbroking is an ancient industry,Before the establishment of the modern banking system,Pawnbroking is an important part of the daily lives of residents in Macau and other parts of China。 The building was completed in 1917,Decheng Press,Gao Kening。 The whole building is fireproof、waterproof、Anti-theft and anti-bandit designed for the purpose

Sha Li Tou Geng Guan

To preserve the local history and culture of Macao,Promote the traditional folk value of residents' mutual help,Cultural Affairs Bureau and Shalitou Land Temple Charity Association work together,Co-organize and revitalize the building of "Sha Li Tau Geng" located at 52-54 Ma Zi Street,As a showcase for Macau ’s culture。"Sha Li Tou Geng Guan" officially opened to the public on December 18, 2015

Luban Xianshi Wooden Craft Exhibition Hall

Luban Xianshi Wooden Craft Exhibition Hall is located in the shelf hall between 39 and 41 Pishanye Street,Officially opened to the public in July 2015

Napa Exhibition Hall

Macao Nezha has a long history of faith and customs,From generation to generation,In 2014 included in the national intangible cultural heritage list。To show the diversity of Macau's culture,And to promote the long-term protection and sustainable development of Macao's Nezha faith,Prepared by the Cultural Affairs Bureau、The "Third Pavilion Nezha Pavilion" with the support of Nezha Temple and Neighbourhood opened in 2012,Let citizens and tourists participate,In-depth understanding of the festival history and culture of Nezha faith and customs

Macau Security Force Museum

Located in the inclined lane of Jiasilan Barracks,Exhibit some military supplies and introduce the evolution of the history of the Macao security forces

Macau Tea Culture Museum

Built in Lulianruo Park,Exterior design Chinese and Western wall,Chic。The Macau Tea Culture Museum occupies about 1,000 square meters,Including basement、Exhibition hall on the first floor and second floor,Quiet and quiet。The museum will exhibit different forms of short-term and long-term exhibitions,Demonstrate the Macau tea culture and even the Chinese and Western style of tea

Communication Museum

The Communication Museum under the Macau Post and Telecommunications Bureau is a collection of culture、Interactive museum of scientific and technical characteristics。The Communication Museum upholds "Dare to try,Dare to discover,Committed to promoting "Happy. Living. Communication Museum"

Cotai History Museum

Extensive exhibition content,Unearthed cultural relics on the first floor mainly through the road ring、Stone structure ruins in the basement of Taipa's former island city hall、Changes in villages and religious cultures on remote islands,Let the audience master the early history and culture of Cotai。Different themes on the second floor,Introduce the history of the former island city hall、Overview of agriculture and some handicraft industries、Cotai architectural characteristics and development direction of Cotai in recent years,Let the audience have a deep understanding of Cotai's modern political development and economic life

Former residence of General Ye Ting

General Ye Ting is one of the founders of the Chinese People's Liberation Army and an outstanding military strategist,Macau is home to its former residence。In recognition of its great contribution in modern Chinese history,The Special Administrative Region Government has carried out several repairs to the former residence of General Ye Ting since 2006、Erecting statues and setting up exhibitions,And officially opened to the public on May 28, 2014

The former site of Chinese and Western Medicine Bureau

The former site of the Chinese and Western Medicine Bureau is located at No. 80 Caodui Street,Built around 1892,It is a typical lower bunk and upper bunk house,Sun Yat-sen opened the pharmacy in Shangji in 1893,It is one of the earliest records in the history of Macao that Chinese people opened pharmacies and outpatient clinics selling Western medicine,The big house has gone through many leases, sales and transfers,Used as a gym、Yuantou。Purchased by the Macau Special Administrative Region Government until 2011,Perform repair work,And in response to activation needs to add corresponding…

Rao Zongyi Academy of Arts

Professor Rao Zongyi is an internationally renowned Sinologist,Text、art、Learn all three,Is a rare master in a century。Professor Rao and Macao are deeply connected,Always concerned about and support local cultural undertakings,Donate calligraphy and painting works to Macao Cultural and Cultural Organizations for collection。Macao SAR Government sets up "Rao Zongyi Academy",Introduce Professor Rao's academic achievements to the public,And promote Chinese culture and art。"Midstream is at ease – "Professor Rao Zongyi Donated Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition" was exhibited in the museum at the same time

Macao Basic Law Memorial

The "Macao Basic Law" is based on the "Constitution of the People's Republic of China",Not only safeguarded the unity of national sovereignty,Also grants Macau a high degree of autonomy,It embodies "a country,"Two systems" and the Chinese government ’s basic policy on Macao。The emergence of the "Macao Basic Law" has profound historical roots and important practical significance

Tongshan Hall Historical Archives Exhibition Hall

Macau Tongshan Hall since its establishment in 1892,There are more than 100 years of history,Is one of the oldest charities in Macau。After three centuries of operation,Accumulated a lot of historical documents and items,It contains little-known stories and moving stories。The internal architecture of Tongshantang Historical Archive Exhibition Hall combines the characteristics of Chinese and Western culture,The museum displays historical relics and materials,Shows visitors the changes in Macau society over the past 100 years、Chinese Charity…

Municipal Services Gallery

The gallery is flanking the lobby,Put into use in 1985,Its predecessor was an office building,Later changed to gallery,Often hold various cultural and art exhibitions

Tashi Art Museum

The "Ta Shi Art Museum" is funded and managed by the Macau Cultural Bureau,Opened on December 5, 2003。Its predecessor was the Contemporary Art Center of the Oriental Foundation,Is a unique building,There are two ancient wells in the room,The central part is a big sky,There is natural light inside the house,Form a unique display space。The exhibition area is 4000 square feet,The internal display board can be adjusted according to the needs of the exhibition,Multi-faceted and different art forms。Also in the venue…

Love and Cinema

Three floors high in love and movie theater,Is a collection of image preservation、Movie periodicals、Compound space for functions such as book borrowing and movie appreciation。Ticket hall on the ground floor、Screening hall、Control room,Mainly show art films and independent films;The first floor is the movie reference room,Collection of Macao film materials、Journal、Magazine etc.,For public inspection;Office on the second floor。The movie theater was set up to enhance the local movie watching atmosphere,Provide multiple viewing options,Committed to promoting Macau…


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