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St. Lawrence's Church

Founded in the mid-16th century,Macau is one of the three ancient church。The current scale of the formation in 1846。Chinese call it "wind-Tong",There prayed meaning "good weather" of。Area where the old church is a noble residential area,So the church building also appears to be fantastic,Characterized by the appearance of the church is baroque classical style in Europe on the basis of

Bishop's Mountain Chapel

Bishop's Hill Chapel,Built by the battery in 1622,The palace is simple,Roundabout;After the nearby castle was demolished in 1892,Church of Our Lady was expanded,Gradually develop into today's magnificent scale。Clock tower towering into the sky,Very solemn,With flower path grass,Old trees,Architecture,nice environment,Many tourists

St. Joseph's Seminary and Church

St. Joseph's Seminary in 1728 founded by Jesuits,In two hundred years of educational process,Church seminary has trained many people in China and around Southeast Asia,Macau is known as the older generation of Catholic Macao "Shaolin Temple"。And the adjoining convent of St. Joseph's Seminary church was completed in 1758,Locals call it the "three bar, Aberdeen",Has a Baroque style features

San Francesco Basilica of Coloane

Built in 1928,The architectural form of this chapel is similar to the baroque architecture of the general church in Macau。The exterior of the church is white,Oval windows and a bell tower,There is a monument in front of the church,To commemorate the local victory over the pirates in 1910

St Augustine's Church

Created by Spanish Augustinian monks in 1591。The original church building is very simple,Priests will Palmetto Leaves covered with a roof to block the wind and rain;Whenever the wind blows,Palmetto leaf will wind blowing,Chinese afar,This scene feel like asparagus erected,Said to the church as "asparagus temple."

St. Michael's Chapel

St. Michael's Chapel is located in a quiet western cemetery,This little church was built in 1875,Rebuilt in 1898,It is one of the best preserved ancient buildings in Macao,The interior is painted green and white,The church windows are equipped with filter glass

Church of Our Lady of Carmo

Church of Our Lady of Carmo in front of Carmo in Taipa,Built in 1885,Rebuilt in 1985,Is the only Catholic church in Taipa。Facing the sea,Landscape grace。The church has a park,Planted,And a stone pavilion、Stone bench,For rest,It is an ideal place for people to rest and relax

Lobby (Cathedral)

The Church circa 1622 with the construction of concrete。The main altar space far-reaching,Simple design,Only to stained glass windows as background,Because buried beneath the altar of the 16th and 17th century bishop and saint remains,For the church unlimited glory

Our Lady of Fatima Church

Our Lady of Fatima was built in 1929,Rebuilt in 1967,Serving residents of Taishan District in northern Macau。Located in a quiet courtyard,The church design is modern。There are spacious steps in front of the vast church,There is a wooden cross on the red brick wall inside the church

Rose Hall

I will (Dominicans) was founded in 1587 by the Santo,This will be the first church in China。At first church built with wood,Chinese called "Domingos temple."。Because the church dedicated to Our Lady of the Rose,It is also called "Rose Hall"。The whole building magnificent church,Its Baroque altar is more elegant and refined。Next to the church "sacred treasury," a collection of more than three hundred pieces of precious cultural relics Macao Catholicism

Ruins of St. Paul

Ruins of St. Paul is the Mother of God Church (ie, Church of St. Paul) in front of the front wall ruins

Church of Our Lady of Nine O's Seven Sufferings

The Church of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows at Coloane was built in 1966,For residents of Jiu'ao,Built to treat families of leprosy patients and nearby residents。There is a magnificent bronze crucified portrait of Jesus on the north gate of the church,It was created by an Italian sculptor for the residents of Jiu'ao

Morrison Church

The Morrison Church is located in the cemetery connected to the new site of the Oriental Foundation。This Christian chapel,Built in 1821,Rebuilt in 1922

St. Anthony's Church

Built between about 1558 to 1560 years,Macau is one of the three ancient churches。Most of the early church experience Macau baptism of fire,St. Anthony's Church is no exception,Today we see the church was rebuilt in 1930 after the scale。Portuguese wedding held here and more,Therefore, the Chinese called it "Kao Tong"

Guia Fortress (including Guia Lighthouse and house of Our Lady of Snow church)

Guia Fortress (built in 1622) located at the summit of the highest peak in Guia Macau Peninsula Mountain,Overlooking the entire peninsula,Built a small church on the fort and lighthouse。Guia lighthouse (built in 1864) is China's first modern lighthouse coast,In its ground position of the coordinate values ​​is also in Macau geographic positioning on the world map

Wangxia St. Francis Church

Built in 1907,Rebuilt in 1938,This small but attractive church is located close to Wangxia Mountain,A home for the elderly is built nearby。The interior of the church is simple and peaceful,With a black marble altar,Tall windows are built along the wall;Outside the church is a cozy courtyard

Church of Our Lady of Hope

Church of Our Lady of Wangde, also known as St. Lazarus Church,It is the earliest Chinese church in Macau,Before the establishment of the cathedral in front of the lobby,Used to be the cathedral of the bishop of Macau,After the establishment of the Macao Diocese, the first cathedral。Every new bishop takes office in Australia,Must first go to Wangdetang to collect the staff,To exercise their responsibilities。therefore,Wang Detang enjoys a high status among Macao Catholics


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