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Company Profile

  • We are a travel services company in Macau,Professional labor services for major business,It also provides online shopping service。
  • Please pay attention to our[ Offer column ],We will all deals,Exclusive Products and Contracting,Welcome to the negotiations with the industry。In addition, we have more than 300 products,Different categories by product category、area、Thematic exhibition on our website。
  • Guests can learn about us through website,I hope we can provide professional and quality service for you。
  • Our business scope is as follows,Groups,Macau convention groups Reception、VIP reception,Macau's most luxurious tourist bus,United States extended the lease cars and commercial vehicles,Cheap hotel accommodation and arrange groups。
  • Every time we will send a dedicated travel consultant,Place until the reason for the planning of after-sales tracking。
  • The company is convinced,On the way you travel or entertain guests,To deal with trivial matters should not travel,These problems referred to us to deal with it,Our travel consultants will help you to plan in advance and on-site arrangements
    What we want is your peace of mind and reassurance to focus your trip experience
  • Cathay Travel Service Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, Headquartered in Macao Song Yusheng Plaza No. 258 was built Xinglong Plaza, 5th Floor, Block P,And in the territory of China set up a subsidiary Zhuhai Vanguard International Travel Service Co., Ltd.。
  • We provide a wide range of tourism products and professional services,Macau, including inbound tour、Macau Hotel Reservations、Travel and car rental business、Global airline tickets and hotel reservations、Individuals and communities customized tour、The free exercise of Package、Attraction tickets and travel insurance, visa。


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Cathay Pacific Overview

  • year 2006 – Macau franchise inbound to pick Service,New Century Hotel in Macau has become the largest seller (3,000 rooms per month,Accounting for the number of hotel rooms 1/3 full month)
  • Year 2008 – To purchase many luxury business seven cars,Macau travel agents own their first two unlicensed vehicles。
  • year 2010 – Responsible for the reception Kaifeng Municipal Bureau of Tourism organization "Kaifeng City tourism promotion group"
  • 2010-2013 – Reception unlimited(China)Company visit to Australia tours,The number of single-day reception of up to two thousand
  • 2011-2013 – 3 consecutive years won the Macau City of Dreams "Dream Partner Award"。
  • 2012-2013 – Continuous become Chinese car Volkswagen Scirocco Cup(Zhuhai Sub-station)Co Business。
  • year 2013 – Galaxy Macau won the "Outstanding Partner Award",Become Shanghai Ctrip International Travel MICE department core supplier,Front section of Macau FAW Jilin 2013 business year that will inspire tours。
  • Year 2014 – Macao won the Sheraton Hotel, Cotai Central "Outstanding Sales Award" as well as the Sands Macao Resort "leap Sales Award"。
  • 2015 – Car Rental expand the scope of business,Launched 18 luxury buses and the United States long refit car rental。
  • 2016 – Focus on the development of the internet sales channel


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    • 2005 - Establishment of Cathay Pacific Travel,Closing shop opened,To "Cathay Pacific tourism" brand management services。
    • 2006 - One of the full amount of the largest companies in Macau visa,New Century Hotel in Macau the largest seller。
    • 2007 – Additional domestic offices in Zhuhai, Macao tour vacation。
    • In 2008-- dynasty Head Office Opened,The first Macao travel agencies have to buy their own two brand car。
    • 2009 - Taipa Branch Opening,Asian Aerospace 3000 seats per month Underwriting special agent。/at the>
    • 2010 - Cooperation with lounge in their open service counters。
    • 2012 - Establishment of China wholly-owned subsidiary Zhuhai Vanguard Travel,Wynn Macau opened counter。
    • 2013 - Costa branch opened,Guangzhou additional、Chongqing、Chengdu and other cities offices。
    • 2014 - Launch of the peer Reservation System,BiHiroshi、Facebook、No more micro-channel public network information platform。
    • 2015 – Bought three luxury bus business。Vanguard international travel agency business license,Increase in outbound tourism business。


vincent kokthai

Vincent Sio

    • General manager
    • Shao Zhiheng Vincent Sio was born in Macau, Company founder。On August 17, 1999 was appointed as Executive Director。
    • Now in charge of the company's overall development and strategic planning。Prior to January 2010, Has nearly 10 years experience in the tourism business management and execution
    • Bedford graduated from the University of British Master's program,Many companies now still in charge


Wesley Kokthai

Wesley Tsang

    • Exit Head
    • Manager was responsible for outbound travel products and operational Flights。
    • Wesley worked for many years in a travel agency in Hong Kong,Understand the tourism market trends,Provide the latest and fastest ticket to frontline officers、The hotel and the free exercise of product information。
    • Establish a good relationship with the service provider,Ensure the quality of tourism products and service standards。


Ben kokthai

Ben Zhang

    • Head of Immigration
    • Zhuhai Vanguard International Travel Service general manager — Responsible for group travel business operations。
    • Ben has years of experience and established hospitality tours,Familiar with Chinese tourism routes and products,In addition to regular tours,But also according to customer special needs
    • Providing customized transportation and accommodation services line。Ben professional travel knowledge and extensive industry experience,Ensuring quality standards Cathay Pacific tour each tour。
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